With the help of the German team won the World Cup after Germany and Bayern Munich skipper Lahm abruptly announced its withdrawal from the national team, the news shocked the entire German football, after all, in the right back position, Loew also unable to find a suitable replacement. After Ram announced its withdrawal from the national team, the German coach Joachim Thanks to their captain, the German Football Federation president Niersbach praised the Ram is a model for football.

From 2004, Loew on the Ram met and worked together for 10 years, quit the national team after the Ram announced, Loew said: “I met with Ram times in early 2004, when I was national team assistant coach, Ram international career started, that’s when I found his great potential, very pleased to have been working with him for the past 10 years. Ram is the team’s core players, and also my good partner, together to discuss many topics with him, he comprehensiveness and wisdom in the game at the top level so that he has been the past few weeks in Brazil game also proved that he can be proud of his career, he is a great player, for his dedication to the German team, thank you, Philip! ”

After informed Ram quit the national team, the German Football Federation president Niersbach also expressed gratitude Ram, Niersbach said: “Ram morning and I hit the phone, and I had some conversations, I was going to persuade him to abandon this decision, but then I know that they did not want to, he was the national team for ten years, he is not only a good player, it is absolutely a model on the court, I want to thank him for the country teams have done. ”

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