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Well that’s simple, buying from a retailer online as opposed to auction site such as eBay or Gumtree you know the person you’re buying from is legitimate. You will also receive an outlined delivery estimation of when your Fifa Coins will be delivered if you buy from a retailer. Most Fifa 13 Coin selling retailers will deliver the goods by hand which can take anything up to 3 hours, however, here at FifaCoinStore we have an automated system that will deliver your Fifa Coins Online as soon as your payment is complete!
This means that you will receive your coins as soon as your payment is complete, all you have to do is refresh your trade pile!

By buying through a retailer like ourselves you are cutting out the annoying middleman that is eBay who tend not to like the sale of digital goods sold on their site. Therefore without the middleman we are able to sell our goods without incurring any unnecessary fees, enabling us to lower the price of our coins because we are no longer having to cover the cost of fees. Thus allowing you to buy cheaper coins!