How does this happen you may ask..
Well during your checkout process you will be asked to input your player name and then your unique club name. Once you have inputted these you will click ‘verify’ were the automated system will take a few seconds to cross reference these details with the Fifa Ultimate Team market. Once it finds your card it will add it to its watch list and as soon as your payment is complete it triggers the system to buy your card faster than you can get back onto your console to check if your card has been bought!
By having this automated system it negates any chances of any human errors and delivers your coins faster than any human can possibly do so.
Stock As we specialize in the trade of fifa 15 coins online it means that we can concentrate on our stock levels and make sure that we never run out of stock. We can assure you this because of our supplier base. As our reputation has grown over the years we have been continuously meeting new sellers who have generated their coins through systems such as autobuyers and begin to look to sell their coins and become ‘partners’ with us.