Since the end of last month, the payers have been getting emails from EA in whichl they are offered a copy of FIFA Ultimate Team Coins, a digital code 15 pounds and 3 months of Xbox Live Gold.
These emails, which seem random, has welcomed inboxes in multiplayer offering the free game if they register their Gamertag codes before the end of the year and also buy an fifa 15 coins Xbox One and recorded before 23:59 pm on January 5.
Podreís access the promotional page from here, but you can not log- unless accedáis to page through one of the emails that have been sent ( as we said before, the EA sends, not Microsoft ).
This offer comes about the same time that Microsoft is sending similar emails, although this case is for Killer Instinct, Xbox launch game One When asked what is the criteria for sending these emails, Microsoft tweeted the
following ” we have taken into account several things, such as Gamerscore, the use of LIVE and other factors in the markets in which it is available # XboxOne “.

It is unclear whether the criteria mentioned for Killer Instinct are also applicable to the promotion of Fifa 15 IOS Coins. In any case, you need to email it to enjoy. The FAQ page of the promotion indicates that ” this is an exclusive offer only available for those who receive an invitation to enjoy it. Valid not attempt to duplicate any registration process, which will void the offer “.