For example, conservatively you have 5k coins, search for a player currently selling between fifa 15 coins6-7k and either try to find an underpriced BIN (buy it now) or keep bidding up to 5k on each player until you manage to win an auction. You need to be patient at times and may not work for every player, so if you’re not having any luck then change your focus to a new player at a similar value. This can be done with any item, so use your initiative and remember any profit is good during this phase (you must take the 5% EA tax into account though)!
Image that you manage to win a Marcos Rojo for 5k and his current market value is around 7k, you could take the profit and up the stakes onto a new player, however Rojo is still a relatively recent transfer and has received an upgrade since FUT 14. Also taking into account the fact that he is one of the quickest CB’s in arguably the most popular league on the game, it wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine that he could rise in value. This type of trading limits the amount you can do as it ties your coins up, but if done correctly it can be very profitable with little stress of monitoring the price of several players!
Although slightly risky, and extremely time sensitive, investing in player performances can also work well and proved extremely successful in FUT 14 and 13! However we’ll detail this coin making method in the coming days to help you know when exactly to buy and sell players! We do not advise jumping into this method if you have had little experience with it, as you could potentially buy a player nearing his peak, losing you a lot of coins in the space of just minutes. We predict this method will work very well after the release, when significantly more FUTers join! When a player does perform well in real-life, make sure you check the Transfer Market to see how his price changes though, as this will educate you for future opportunities.