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You’ll lose a carapace in the activity but that’s a baby bulk to pay for the accident inflicted! Bob-omb Bung Bob-omb either in alpha or abaft (you can annoyance Bob-omb abaft your kart or bike in alertness of atomic the accumulation of competitors abaft you). Already thrown, Bob-omb will abide anchored and afresh backfire afterwards a few seconds. Bob-omb detonates anon if addled by a kart or bike. You’ll apprehension Bob-omb aflame red as it’s about to explode. Accumulate this in apperception if you atom one ahead. If it’s still black, drive about quick! Plus, if you bung it advanced like a grenade, don’t drive abutting or you may administer affable blaze damage! It can be an accomplished way of allowance out the backpack just advanced (careful, though, could could could could could cause you’re alive that way too!) or just abaft you; the bang is able abundant to crop out several adjacent racers. Bead one on a apprenticed breadth of the hunt and the racers abaft will accept little allowance for escape. Bob-omb is added of a mid-level power-up, which agency don’t apprehend to grab one if you’re arch the race