I would recommend putting some of your fifa 15 coins aside to begin my first method so you have enough coins to maintain your side and have enough left over to ‘merch’ with.
You may have seen this method used before on any other game that uses a game marketplace and a game currency. Ultimately you are going to buy low and sell for higher. Here’s how to start.
1) Monitor the market – See which players are popular and which formations are worth more than others. For example, players in the more popular formation of 41212 will be more valuable than players in the formation of 5212 because people are prepared to pay a tad more for a player already set in the formation they need for chemistry reasons. This is so that they don’t have to fork out and buy an expensive 41212 formation card that could potentially cost you 7k.
2) Once you found the player that you believe is profitable then constantly check the market for that player and buy any that you believe you can sell on for more.
3) Be careful, don’t put all your eggs in one basket when attempting to merch because if it goes pear-shaped then you could lose more than you can make.
4) Be patient when you’re attempting to sell the card for more, don’t expect it to sell within 10 minutes. As long as you sell the card for more than you bought it for you are still making a profit.
5) Once you are satisfied with your purchases then list them on the market and play a few games so you can make extra coins from completing and potentially winning games/tournaments. This allows you to make constant coin income because you will be gathering Ultimate Team Coins from playing games and also making coins from the profits of selling the players you have bought for less.